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The loss of your dog is a very sad time and nothing can replace the uniqueness of your pet. Here at Never Forget Pet, we want to help you to create a beautiful online memorial for your dog so that you can visit them online at any time and remember all the good times you had with them. Many people like to have pictures they can look at to remember their dog, so what we have done at Never Forget Pet is create online memorials which are accessible on as many devices as possible - meaning you can take them with you anywhere you have an internet connection.

Your dog's listing can be as simple or as detailed as you want – we offer the ability to add Facebook comments so you can write on your memorial at any time, or you can add a picture gallery and store all your images of your pet on our site. We want to create a memorial for your dog that is representative of how much they meant to you in life.

How will I find my Dogs Memorial?

Once we have completed your memorial, it’s quick and easy for you to visit it. We like to have memorials in a specific place, so whereas some other sites have lots of memorials in lots of difference places, we give every pet owner a unique location where their pet rests - and it's exclusive to them. This means that if you are looking for your dog, you know they will be in a particular location at a particular number. We find this gives pet owners a feeling of their memorial being grounded and in one place.

How much does a dog memorial cost?

There are several different types of listings available on Never Forget Pet and your listing can be upgraded at a later date for the difference in cost (optional extras are also listed):



✓  1 Image

✓  Pets Name

✓  Date of Birth

✓  Date of Passing

✓  Unlimited Text & 1 edit


£59 (One Off Cost)

✓  3 Images & Professional Editing

✓  Choose Plot Location & Number*

✓  No Adverts

✓  Facebook commenting

✓  Pets Name

✓  Date of Birth

✓  Date of Passing

✓  Unlimited Text & 5 edits annually

Optional Extras for Pet Memorials

  • Embed your YouTube™ video footage in your memorial page (£29.00 per video, one off cost)

  • Ability to comment on the page from your Facebook account (£29.00, one off cost, included with Premium listings as standard)

  • Photo Gallery Page - Up to 20 additional photos of your pet (£199.00, one off cost)

  • Transfer of your memorial to a different plot at any time* (£29.00, one off cost)

  • Page counter to keep track of visitors numbers (£29.00, one off cost)

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Memorials

For frequently asked questions in relation to memorials please click here

* Subject to availability



Premium Online Pet Memorials

Never Forget Pet was created based on two fundamental pillars - a love of animals and the desire to have a high quality website for animal lovers to come and visit their loved ones after they have passed.

One of the key features of Never Forget Pet is that we offer both free and premium listings. We believe that a pet's online memorial should be tasteful, elegant and beautifully designed which is why we offer a choice of plots to suit the character of your pet.