How is Never Forget Pet different to other pet memorial sites?

Never Forget Pet was created with one simple idea in mind - to be your place to go to and visit your loved pet. There are many websites which offer memorials, but the difference with Never Forget Pet is a sense of "home" in that you know exactly where your loved one is located. Your pet has their own plot number in a location you have hand selected for them. So instead of having to search for them amonst thousands of other memorials, your know exactly where your pets memorial is.

What are online Memorial plots?

In the same way that a physical cememtry has plots, Never Forget Pet gives pet owners the ability to find their listing in a very specific location. So for example, if you have a plot in Ocean View then your pets memorial will always be there.

What is the difference between Public and Private Memorials?

We offer everyone a choice of having a Public or a Private listing. For Public listings, you can access your pets memorial via the location and plot number you have been given by simply going to the right page and clicking on their plot number. For Private listings you cannot access these in this way and they can only be accessed by a link. Please note that whilst we do our best to tell search engines not to include Private listings, they may still appear in the general search results.

Why are Memorial Plots at specific locations and numbers?

One of the unique features of Never Forget Pet is the ability to specifically choose the resting location for your pet’s memorial and it may be that one of our memorial locations reminds you of your pet. We like to think of your memorial as a permanent thing in a specific place, so you know exactly where to find your pets memorial.

Can changes be made once my Memorial is complete?

Yes – although additional charges may apply to Basic (free) listings..

How much does a Memorial cost?

We offer 2 types of listings - Basic and Premium. For details of each of these and their prices, please click here

I’m not very good with computers, can you help me?

You don’t need to be an IT whiz to create a listing on Never Forget Pet. As long as you can send us over good quality images of your pet and send emails then we do the rest for you.

What if I want to make lots of additions in text during the year?

If you want the ability to comment on your pets listing quite frequently during the year then we can add the ability to comment via Facebook or Disqus or another similar method of your choosing for a one off charge of £29.00 (*Subject to checking compatibility with our site)

I have a requirement not mentioned on this page?

We are always happy to look at custom requirements – simply Contact Us and let us know what you require.

Premium Online Pet Memorials

Never Forget Pet was created based on two fundamental pillars - a love of animals and the desire to have a high quality website for animal lovers to come and visit their loved ones after they have passed.

One of the key features of Never Forget Pet is that we offer both free and premium listings. We believe that a pet's online memorial should be tasteful, elegant and beautifully designed which is why we offer a choice of plots to suit the character of your pet.