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Pet Memorial Example
Pet Memorial Example

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Example of a Pet Memorial on Never Forget Pet

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There is nothing which can truly comfort the loss of your loved pet. You would have known your pet like no one else and living with your pet you form a unique understanding of them (and them of you). What Never Forget Pet offers is a space to celebrate their lives. A place which is created that represents them and their personalities as individually as they were in life. The biggest difference between our site and most others is that we create an environment which makes it easy to access and view your memorial, regardless of whether you are on your phone or a PC.

What you see on this page is an example of how your memorial will look when completed - you can view an example of a free listing by clicking here.

How to create your pets memorial

1 - Complete our Form

Complete our form to create your pet's memorial. Click here to do this.

2 - Send us a photo

Send us a photo so we can create your memorial.

3 - We Build your memorial

We build your memorial, this normally takes 24 hours.

4 - We send you your memorial

Once complete, we get in touch to let you know your memorial is ready.

How much does a pet memorial cost?

There are several different types of listings available on Never Forget Pet and your listing can be upgraded at a later date for the difference in cost (optional extras are also listed):



✓  1 Image

✓  Pets Name

✓  Date of Birth

✓  Date of Passing

✓  Unlimited Text & 1 edit


£59 (One Off Cost)

✓  3 Images & Professional Editing

✓  Choose Plot Location & Number*

✓  No Adverts

✓  Facebook commenting

✓  Pets Name

✓  Date of Birth

✓  Date of Passing

✓  Unlimited Text & 5 edits annually

We also offer a range of additional options and can provide quotes for anything special you would like for your memorial, just get in touch and ask the question.

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11 years 7 months

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United Kingdom

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Not Available

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Tennis Ball