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Pet Memorials Explained

What are Online Pet Memorial Plots?

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When a loved pet passes away, there are many online sites where you can create a free memorial for your pet. However, very often these sites allow you to create your own listing (which isn't ideal for everyone) and there are thousands upon thousands of memorials which can potentially make it difficult to find your unique listing. At Never Forget Pet, you are in control of the location for your pet within our site. You choose the plot you want at a location fitting for your loved one and we give you a unique memorial plot number.

This means when you visit our site, you can quickly and easily locate your memorial by selecting the "view" (another name for the plots) and your unique number (or you can access it more quickly via the link we send you by email once your listing is complete). Your pet will be the only one with that number within that view, giving a grounded feeling of knowing where your loved one is resting.

Why do you create the pet memorials?

We want your memorial to be something beautiful and fitting of your loved one - a place you can quickly and easily visit years from now that's personal to you and easy to use on all your devices. Because of this, we charge to create each memorial and ensure it's exactly how you want it. We believe this is the best way, and we think you will as well once you see your listing.

An example of choosing your pets memorial location

Example: Sally had a dog called Barney. Barney loved runs along the beach so Sally chose to have a memorial on Ocean View as this reminds her of walks with Barney. We assigned Sally the plot number 8A, so Sally can always find her memorial at 8A Ocean View.

How to create your pets memorial

1 - Complete our Form

Complete our form to create your pet's memorial. Click here to do this.

2 - Send us a photo

Send us a photo so we can create your memorial.

3 - We Build your memorial

We build your memorial, this normally takes 24 hours.

4 - We send you your memorial

Once complete, we get in touch to let you know your memorial is ready.

How much does a pet memorial cost?

There are several different types of listings available on Never Forget Pet and your listing can be upgraded at a later date for the difference in cost (optional extras are also listed):



✓  1 Image

✓  Pets Name

✓  Date of Birth

✓  Date of Passing

✓  Unlimited Text & 1 edit


£59 (One Off Cost)

✓  3 Images & Professional Editing

✓  Choose Plot Location & Number*

✓  No Adverts

✓  Facebook commenting

✓  Pets Name

✓  Date of Birth

✓  Date of Passing

✓  Unlimited Text & 5 edits annually

Premium Online Pet Memorials

Never Forget Pet was created based on two fundamental pillars - a love of animals and the desire to have a high quality website for animal lovers to come and visit their loved ones after they have passed.

One of the key features of Never Forget Pet is that we offer both free and premium listings. We believe that a pet's online memorial should be tasteful, elegant and beautifully designed which is why we offer a choice of plots to suit the character of your pet.